Grace is passionate about holistic alchemy after witnessing transformational effects first hand in herself.

After being told by Western doctors that there was no cure for the chronic pain condition she was experiencing called Vulvodynia, she made it her FULLEST intention to heal herself; and she did.  

Using various techniques which hold Yoga, Energy Healing and Mindfulness at their core, her condition softly disappeared. Since then it's been her soul's calling to empower women who experience a similar disconnect from their innate gifts of pleasure, healing and intimacy.

You can connect with Grace through her workshops, retreats and 1-1 sessions. Plus tune into her healing teachings online through her Newsletter and Instagram page.


Credentials and Training & Experience


10 years experience holistically healing chronic pain

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Reiki Master, Usui lineage

Advanced Theta Healer, Bourgeon  

Masseuse, Thai Yoga Fusion