"Grace is a magic-maker. I'm lucky enough to say I've had the pleasure of working with Grace in various guises; first in her yoga classes, then through reiki healing and most recently in Thai massage. She is incredibly intuitive, most definitely channeling some wonderful healing vibes and she's moving energy around in a very special way. Perhaps the best part about being in a room with Grace is you will always feel included, comfortable and that you are working with a real human being and I am now pleased to say, friend. Go see, or should I say, feel for yourself - your body and your mind will thank you." - Jessica Carroll, Actress


A message of continued gratitude for the amazing massage received last night. It feels almost derogatory to refer to that experience as a 'massage' when it is unlike anything I have received before. You seem to know exactly what my body needs at any given moment and meet those needs fully and generously. For someone who was brought up to believe that reiki was a load of mumbo jumbo, I can speak with all authenticity when I say that your practise is a skill and you are very talented. - Charlie Langham 


"I'm so grateful and blessed to know Grace. She is a vibrant, passionate and highly spiritual being with magical abilities. I had a deep and profound experience during my first healing session with her, where she used energy to move deep rooted anxiety out of my body. I noticed a shift almost immediately, which encouraged me to creatively express and share more of my true self. She continues to be an amazing support and has gently shared more and more healing techniques throughout the time I've known her. Whenever I spend time with her, I feel empowered, confident and have more belief in the magic of the universe. You'd be lucky to know her." - Elizabeth Elsey, Founder of Elizabeth Scarlett


“I loved Grace's workshop. It changed everything for me. The healing I received was exactly what I needed at the time. Carrying so much heaviness, I left the studio lighter, like I was walking on air.” - Kylie Jane Frost  


“As someone who has experienced Grace’s yoga, Thai massage and workshop healing, I can wholeheartedly say that this girl knows what she’s doing, and she offers something refreshingly different that I have found difficult to find. Grace has an infectiously sunny energy and healing touch that makes me feel energised, peaceful and content all at the same time. I’ve had my fair share of excellent massages in my time, but I can honestly say that Grace’s Thai massage is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The feeling of being gently manoeuvred into delicious stretches while having pressure applied through various body parts is pure bliss. Grace also speaks from a place of truth and her wise words resonate with me. I always come away from her sessions feeling wonderful!” - Alice Norman, Dancer and Teacher


"I have been attending Grace’s yoga classes for a couple of years now and they are always, without fail, wonderfully inspirational, unique and fun. I leave them feeling rejuvenated and aligned, both physically and emotionally. She weaves her reiki and healing work through the classes and it was this that motivated me to explore my own chakra and healing curiosities. There is something truly magical about Grace. I always become fully immersed in her guided meditation. The first time she did reiki on me during class I felt like I was going to levitate off the floor. I booked a full session with her after that and what followed was a pretty intense release of a lot of repressed emotions, that left me feeling so much lighter in spirit than i have done in years. I recently attended Grace’s reiki workshop at Mudra and it was so inspiring, inclusive and fun. I feel incredibly lucky to have the sunshine of Grace in my life" - Alix Wenmouth, Music Publicist 


"Whether you're hoping to connect more with your body, mind or spirit, Grace is a beacon of light, helping me and lots of others relax mindfully and with intention through her varied collection of healing skills." - Alex, Co Founder of All Plants


“Your workshop was so amazing, you bring so much joy and good vibrations. I cried a little and felt lots of delicious things” - Elysia Byrd, Artist


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