Yoni: Sanskrit: "womb", "uterus", "vagina", "vulva", "abode", or "source"

Faith carries a human through the darkest parts of their existence. Pain teaches them resilience and strength. I wouldn’t change the 10 years I experienced living with a chronic pain condition for the world. 

Vulvodynia is still pretty unknown about. Based on the fact there is nothing visually unusual upon inspection, it takes on average 6 different physicians to diagnose a woman suffering from it. Despite the fact they are experiencing debilitating symptoms, time and time again they are told ‘there’s nothing wrong with you’. 

Due the nature of the pain, it deeply intrudes on intimacy and heartbreakingly breaks and stifles relationships. Since there is a taboo over discussing experiencing anything other than pleasure through the vagina, Vulvodynia is often unspoken about which causes isolation. I know women who consider suicide because they would rather that, than a life stripped of their femininity, pleasure and sensuality. This needs to change. 

13 MILLION American vaginas are ailed by Vulvodynia. There are yet to be statistics released in the UK. This is huge. It needs to be talked about and aired out in public in order to create awareness which can then lead to serious healing. 

For me, I decided that continuous visits to the hospital, invasive treatments and prescribed drugs wasn’t my path. I eventually chose to heal myself holistically. It was the best decision I ever made.  

I am now passionate about speaking up. Every woman who experiences a loss in their sexual & feminine power is able to regain it in an empowered way. Life after these challenges exists and it is so delicious to experience.

If you are one of the women coping with an unhappy Yoni, whether it's Vulvodynia or anything else, I acknowledge you for every drop of loneliness, hopelessness, ache, grief and loss you have felt through living this way.

It's my calling to empower you.

I guide women who are experiencing Yoni Pain through and out of this place and lead them to Vibrant, Self Evolution.


I can guide you in the following ways:

  • Support & authentic understanding

  • Advice on holistic methods to treat and heal physical pain

  • Mindfulness to relax the body

  • Guided Visualisation to step you into your healing power

  • Goal setting

  • Intuitive energy clearing and healing

  • Learn how to listen specifically to your body’s messages

  • Safe digging into the subconscious mind in order to reprogram beliefs and feelings which hold you back from living a pain free and abundant life

  • Tune into what will brings your body to natural balance

  • Heal your relationship with your body

  • Massage and Yoga

  • How to attract conscious and empowering intimate experiences into your life

  • Guidance into pleasure

  • A toolbox for sensuality

  • Embodiment of your femininity


A one-off session can be life changing, however if you’re committed to transformation and support, I recommend committing to ongoing sessions. The number of sessions will vary from woman - woman and we will assess this after first session together.

Contact me now to enquire and/or to set up a free consultation call together.